Ileke Ice Blue Waist Beads

Ileke Ice Blue Waist Beads


Material- Crystal glass

Shape: Oval Shape

One Strand per order 

Why Wear Khojo Waist Beads?

  • Womb Awareness 
  • Natural Waist Shaping 
  • Core Strength Training
  • Femininity - Waist beads can serve as a symbol of femininity.
  • Folklore- African folklore gives waist beads special powers. The beads, worn to define the waist, help women hold their shapes. They also serve to help women hold onto their mates. 
  • Ornamentation is a major role for waist beads. Since beads were considered money throughout Africa, waist beads were ornamentation as well as dowry in matriarchal societies.
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The earliest powder glass beads were found in present day Zimbabwe dating back to 970 – 1000 CE; but from colonial times to the present day, the main area of powder glass bead manufacture is West Africa-particularly the Yoruba tribes of Africa – a population now settled within Nigeria. Conversely, the tradition also extends to Ghana, which is regarded as the Bead Production Capital of the World, where women perceive African waist beads and have held a long fascination with them, as ornamental and symbolic adornment; and as well as signs of wealth, aristocracy, and of femininity.