Ileke Sky Blue Waist Beads

Ileke Sky Blue Waist Beads


Material- Crystal glass

Shape: Oval Shape

One Strand per order

Why Wear Khojo Waist Beads?

  • Womb Awareness 
  • Natural Waist Shaping 
  • Core Strength Training
  • Femininity - Waist beads can serve as a symbol of femininity.
  • Folklore- African folklore gives waist beads special powers. The beads, worn to define the waist, help women hold their shapes. They also serve to help women hold onto their mates. 
  • Ornamentation is a major role for waist beads. Since beads were considered money throughout Africa, waist beads were ornamentation as well as dowry in matriarchal societies.
Waist Size:
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